Content ID Claim Release Form

When you upload a video on YouTube which contains copyrighted material that is in the Content ID system, you will automatically get a claim, regardless if you purchased a license or not. If you aren't a YouTube partner then you can just ignore the claim, as it will be of no consequence to you. If you can and want to monetize the video in question then please consider the following:

If you have purchased a “Sync Bundle” under "Licensing": go ahead and fill out the Content ID Release Form below. Make sure your information here matches the information you used when purchasing your license! It can take a few days for a claim to be released.

If you have downloaded the song on Motion Array: follow their instructions here: What if I get a Copyright Claim From YouTube? – Motion Array

If you have done neither: you don't own a sync license to use the song, you can purchase one here and then fill out the form below!