Bellabeth is a singer-songwriter from Austria.

Growing up, writing songs seemed like an impossible task to Bellabeth, that only very special people with extraordinary brains could do. As a young teenager, she never dared to finish song ideas that popped into her head, because it seemed that she was trying to do something outrageously impossible. Creating new melodies and whole songs out of thin air? Insanity. Magic! Only extremely talented people that had nothing to do with people like her would be able to do such an incredible thing...

All that changed when Bellabeth was fifteen years old and received a special school assignment unlike any she had ever had: “Write a song”. That little push was all she needed. Somebody believed in her ability to write songs, therefore she could believe in it too. A melody that had been in her head for a while came to use and very quickly “Heartless Again” was born. The lyrics dealt with depression and guilt – singing it in English helped her to perform it in front of an audience without feeling too exposed. She still writes most of her songs in English, simply for the aesthetic of the language compared to German.

After school, Bellabeth decided to move to London during a gap year, where she actively took part in the live music scene, which didn’t really exist in her hometown. During that time she learned how to record her own songs with a laptop and a keyboard. It was a time of soul-searching, anxiety, loneliness and being outside of her comfort zone. All of those feelings are represented in the songs of the album that got inspired by those 18 months: “London”. What the album lacked in professional recording quality it made up for in heartfelt songs and pure lyrics.

Since then Bellabeth has released her second album “One Woman Show” (which was exactly what the title suggests), was featured on Armada Named Sound’s album “Electronica” and watched her videos gather over 1 Million views on her YouTube channel. Her main focus at the moment is songwriting and working with other talented producers to improve the sound quality of her compositions.

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