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Get a sweet little physical representation of your favorite songs with a printed handwritten note about the track and a dedication & signature from me on the back 🥰

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Signed Cover Card (with handwritten note + free song download)

Signed Cover Card (with handwritten note + free song download)

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Signed album cover card with a handwritten note about the song printed on the back. You'll get a free download of the corresponding song and you can scan the QR code to get to an unlisted video.

If you want me to add a dedication to someone other than you, let me know who to dedicate it to in the "note" section below!


10€ (Code: "MoreThan3")


9€ (Code: "MoreThan5")

Multiple cards will be sent together so if there's a pre-order card among your purchase, your order will be sent out on release day.


280g/m² postcard paper, glossy on one side


At the end of the day I will make an order for needed cards.

After 1-2 days they'll arrive at my home, I'll sign and package them and then send you an email after I have thrown your package into a post box. Shipping times range from a few days within Europe to ca. 14 days when you're outside of Europe.

Currently I can't offer tracking when it comes to cover cards.



8.27x8.27 inches


Type in the discount codes:

"MoreThan3" (-33%) if you get 3-4 cards and
"MoreThan5" (-40%) if you get more than 5 cards.

Use them at checkout without the quotes. You can only use one discount code at a time.

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