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"Genie in a Bottle" Live Cover

I recently purchased LF Studio 12 (up until now Cubase had been my DAW of choice) and I decided that I'd do a cover of "Genie in a Bottle" as my first FL Studio project. It's a little slower and…

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"The Wolven Storm" - Live Cover (Video)

I finally covered this very beautiful song by Mikolai Stroinski. It's from the video game "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" and only one song among many beautiful musical masterpieces from the game's soundtrack. Hope you enjoy, I produced this one…Read more

"Bittersweet" - Live Version

If you keep up with this blog then you will have seen that I am featured on the album "Electronica" by Spiros Maus' project "Armada Named Sound". One of the two songs I feature on is "Bittersweet" - and before…Read more

New Royalty-Free Music: "Voices"

I'm happy to be able to present to you a new royalty-free song called "Voices".  It's a nearly a capella song that would fit a sad scene in a movie very well in my opinion. Maybe not as background music…Read more

New Cover: "Oh Death" (Electronic Version)

You may know this song in the style from Jen Titus from the TV series "Supernatural". I had fallen in love with it since I heard it when the character "Death" was introduced in the series. It took me a…Read more

New Free-To-Use Song: "March of the Machines"

Another one for all the people who love my royalty free instrumentals: March of the Machines is a very different sounding composition that I found on my PC when I saved all my data before reformatting it. I created it…Read more